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Interior design



Fashion & Luxury 


API platform docking service

Resource integration

Fashion and luxury as the core business of Beni Italian Supply, which specializes in BtoB buying and supplying services for global customers. Including current season goods purchases, pre-order, special sales, off-season stocks, CarryOver, and customized purchase services of Outlet. The product categories cover sportswear, men's/women's/children's clothing, bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, glasses&sunglasses, cosmetics, and watches.


Beni Italian Supply cooperates with showrooms, certified distributors, retailers, and well-known buying offices to provide our customers with good quality and advantageous pricing products in the market, and to ensure quality and stable supply as well.

With stability and cooperation connection from suppliers, we provide API (Application Programming Interface ) docking service for e-commerce clients, that is, to realize seamless connection between e-commerce inventory systems of clients and suppliers, and instantly share massive inventory of stocks in upstream Europe.
Beni Italian Supply provides customers with the most direct and cutting-edge information. Meanwhile, we have been continuously integrating high-quality sources in upstream Europe and world, screening out the best products for clients, and to optimizie procurement efficiency and save time for our clients.

Interior Design

Italy has a well-known reputation and influence in Europe and the world, whether it is fashion design or home design. We convey the brand concept and introduce high-quality products to customers from all over the world for each brand with its own story, and promote its sales and development in China and Asian markets.


Espresso is also one of the products with Italian characteristics and influence. Beni Italian Supply cooperates with brands and European retailers to provide top-class and original products.
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