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Beni Italian Supply provides BtoB procurement and ordering services for global merchant customers. We cooperate with Italian&European certified retailers and distributors to offer our customers authentic products and the most competitive discounted products in the market. We manage the full-process closed-loop service of goods of procurement from upstream, quotation, exportation, quality inspection, documentary preparation, and after-sales.

Business development

According to different business requests, we offer customers with appropriate business assistance services. For example, some brands of cooperation of negotiation, brand agency authorization, and brand online and offline franchise join.


Beni Italian Supply helps customers carry out purchasing plan analysis, research and consultation, providing effective professional advice, assisting customers to smoothly import products into the China market, and avoid trade barriers. At the same time, we also provide consulting on business aspects such as emerging brands.

Import and export

Relying on the mutual cooperation and support of trustworthy logistics partners, we provide customers with safe and reliable transportation services.


Target customers




Electronic business platform

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